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3 Ways to Sabotage Your Next Direct Mail Piece (And How to Market Smarter)


What makes a direct mail campaign effective?

It all begins at a glance.

An effective direct mail letter or postcard doesn’t feel or look like junk. There are no buzz words, power expressions, or lofty claims about seemingly unbelievable benefits. Want your next direct mailing to credibly connect with prospects?
The most persuasive pieces avoid these three deadly sins:

1. Gimmicky

Have you ever received a direct mail pitch that is disguised as an official government mailing?

Or perhaps you received a stiff yellow envelope marked with words like “Pay to the Order Of” or with taglines threatening to “fine” anyone obstructing its delivery per the US Code. Upon opening it, your suspicions are confirmed: the check inside actually turns out to be a non-negotiable coupon offering you a discount for making a purchase. Did this make you want to trust the seller? Not likely.

2. Cluttered

Direct mail feels inauthentic when it seems to be trying too hard.
On the face of one envelope, you might see multiple call-out messages, like “Open At Once,” “URGENT,” or “Only 7 Issues Left!” When your postcard or envelope is cluttered, it is perceived as impersonal or mass-produced. And anything that looks like junk mail will likely go straight toward the trash.
Instead, work for designs that are simple and clean, with one unifying theme.

3. Product-Centric

When crafting a sales pitch, many marketers focus more on the product than its audience.

But readers are not primarily concerned with how slick your idea is, they are concerned with how great it will make their lives. Concise, persuasive direct mail clearly presents the benefits your product will bring the consumer. Selling the vision isn’t about functions or features; it’s about showcasing the possibilities. So instead of selling a pillow, sell a world of health and abounding energy.

Hand-Crafted with Care

Do you enjoy randomly opening gag gifts out of a big, generic pile? If you’re like most people, you would much rather open a meaningful gift lovingly selected just for you.

The same is true in marketing. When readers feel like your mail is impersonal or automated, their response rates will drop. The best way to strengthen your communication is to make it seem authentic, effortless, and personal.


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